Huanghai Amusement City

It located in the eastern part of the Gold Coast of Yantai Laishan, mainly by the beach, pier Yellow Sea, the Yellow Sea Pearl, leisure park, cultural square, Recreation Palace and other components, covering 24 hectares. On the other hand, it has 9 scenic spots so as known as "nine Garden." Since opening in 1993, foreign tourists each year more than two million people.

East Fort Coastal Tourist

East Fort coastal tourist located under YuDai Hill, and connected with Moon Bay. In order to strengthen the coastal defenses of late Qing, the purchase of Krupp cannons from Germany. Both scenic ancient castles style, but also have the advanced features of the modern military facilities.


Yueliangwan is a symbol of glamour and romance lovers’ shrine in Yantai city. It located in the Huanghai , the left side is Yantai Hill, the right side is the East Fort, back is Dai Wang Hill. Rocks, sea, harbor of integration, very impressive. After low tide, bay exposed many pebbles.

Yantai Hydron Fisherman's Wharf

Yantai Hydron Fisherman's Wharf is a collection of tourism, catering, leisure, entertainment, shopping, holiday. It is including Yantai Hai Chang whale sharks Hall, Yantai Hydron rain Daishan spa, gourmet style Street, Marina Commercial Street, high-end residential neighborhoods.

Haichang Yantai Yudaishan Hot Spring

Haichang Yantai Yudaishan Hot Spring is the first in China Super hot Water from 1800m deep under the sea. It retains the traditional hot spring and based on the stylish integration of modern health care, an increase of outdoor spa, massage bubble bath, carbonic acid bath, and sauna bath these more casual, personalized ways of bathing. On the other hand, it is fully equipped with catering, entertainment, health and other facilities, the formation of a hot spring bath, traditional Chinese medicine, fitness and entertainment, beauty SPA and other functions in a high-end spa club.

Penglai Pavilion

Penglai Pavilion is located in Yantai Penglai City, founded in the Song Dynasty (AD 1070), dating back over 900 years of history, and Poetic, Yellow Crane Tower, Yueyang floor and four famous ancient Chinese saying. The Penglai Pavilion also is called fairyland, is the drug of Emperor Immortality place to visit. Penglai Pavilion buildings from San Qingdian, Lu Zu Temple, Tin Hau Temple, Dragon Palace, Penglai Pavilion and mitusoi other components.

Yantai Tashan Scenic

Yantai Tashan Scenic its peak early built a pagoda named, East side is Daishan, and West side is Nanshan, it is a natural barrier to surround the bustling city. Tashan beautiful natural scenery has a strong religious and folk culture. Scenic mountains into two parts, it is Taiping Temple scenic and Mountain entertainment district.

Taiping Temple scenic main attractions include: Taiping Temple, three towers, Long Dian, peaceful morning bell tower, Guanyin Pavilion, Yin Feng, Dragon and other humanities and natural landscape stone. Mountain recreation area includes: Athletic Hall, National Defense Education Center, Children's Playground, Rainforest Dome, crocodile museum and small animal village.

Changyu Wine Culture Museum

One of the few professional museums in the global wine industry, it opened in 1992 and located in Yantai City Avenida Changyu site. Wine Culture Museum located plaza, it has many century hall underground wine cellar, integrated hall, historical hall and auditorium, etc., it is more systematic and comprehensive introduction to the Changyu history, culture and knowledge of wine culture 100 years, is China wine industry and the rise of Chinese national enterprises in miniature.